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August 24, 2013

Antique Dealers: Dealing with Antiques

Antiques are basically old items which are collected for their value. Generally, antiques are defined by their age, which is usually at least a hundred years old. Items which are rare, as well as old, could also fit in well with the antiques category of items, as well as items which have certain collectible value to them, along with the item’s given age.

Antique dealers are basically persons who deal with antiques, the selling, upraising, and even the procuring of these antique products. Normally, antiquing, the act of shopping for antiques, begins with visiting antique dealers, looking at the treasures they’ve managed to get, and seeing if any of them would pique one’s interest. On certain occasions, the upraising services of antique dealers are called by antique-ers, asking antique dealers for their opinions regarding the pre or post purchase of an antique item.

As their professional title basically says it, antique dealers know antiques, over and under. Many antique dealers, the real deal antique dealers now, are part of associations, particularly national trade associations. The CINOA stands to be one of the most popular association many antique dealers associate themselves with. The CINOA is basically a confederation of antique associations and art associations, whose membership includes members from 19 countries, with over five thousand antique dealers within the organization’s member roster.

Antique dealers stand to be the primary source for antiques to many.

Just as with almost any field today, antique dealers are known to “specialize” on particular antique items. For example, Antique dealer A has a keen eye for antique jewelry. Find an spanish pirate coins on this site. Antique dealer B has his sights on antique pocket watches. Should you, who happen to be on the lookout for antique pocket watches, want to have an antique pocket watch, going to antique dealer B would be the smart choice, but doesn’t necessarily mean Antique Dealer A would have no idea about antique pocket watches. Bottom line, antique dealers have specializations, as well as armed with the knowhow regarding the stature of an item as an antique.

An antique dealer’s skills in upraising antique items are often asked by those who come across antiques from need-verification-places. Purchasing antiques from events like garage sales and estate sales, are often followed by a visit to an antique dealer, asking his/her opinion regarding the antique value of the purchased item.

Antique dealers would be the safest source for antiques, as the items sold by antique dealers are verified to be true.

Bottom line, should you be interested in getting antiques, referring to antique dealers would be a good course of action.